MA – Your Background

Having a love for games and the format in which they carry out their message is something that will definitely help you in this program. Because of the wide array of topics serious games can cover, people with interests in a spectrum of different things can be found in this program. However, it is important to remember there is an immense difference between playing games and creating them.

The Media an Information MA HCI concentration and Serious Game graduate certificate is a designed to complement a BA or specialization in game design.

Students may enter the program with degrees related to:

  • game design (computer science, art, writing, music, interactive media, etc.)
  • theory and pedagogy (education, psychology, health communication)
  • content (health, environmental science, policy, international relations, etc.)

Some students will already have professional experience in media-related fields, returning to an academic setting to focus on serious game design.

Prospective Students: