MA – Careers

Serious Game Careers include:

  • Game design
  • Educational media design and production
  • Health media design and production
  • Simulation design and production
  • Corporate training
  • Military simulation and training
  • Interactive media design and production
  • Advergaming
  • Digital media consultant
  • Academia (background for PhDs in mass communication, education, computer science, psychology, digital rhetoric)

Your choice of graduate electives and the roles you play in team projects will be individually tailored to strengthen your expertise in your chosen domain of specialization. The field of Serious Game design is broad and very young. One or a few examples can be found touching myriad aspects of life, learning, fun, and work. There are major differences in technology platform and skills needed depending on the kind of audience, kind of game, and kind of company you want to work in.

Serious games by definition have an agenda, whether to teach, train, enlighten, or persuade. Rather than being driven by the potential of selling to a mass market, serious game development is often funded by the organization whose agenda the serious game is created to address. Examples include corporate and military training, grassroots and governmental agencies whose mission is to promote healthy life styles, environmentalism, or cross-cultural understanding. Serious games may stand alone but more often they are one component of a larger information package, created to compliment a museum exhibit, television documentary, textbook, K-12 or university curriculum, advertising or public health campaign, etc.

Organizations may hire an independent game design company to create their serious game, or they may have in-house positions and create their own games. Dedicated serious game design companies focus exclusively on serious game design, but in house serious game designers within other industries typically wear many hats, perhaps including web design or video production in addition to game design.

Private foundations, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, federal small business grants, local government agencies, NIH or NSF are potential sources of funding for serious games.

Prospective Students: