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The top rated MSU undergraduate game design and development specialization focuses on design and development of games for entertainment.  It is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree in Media and Information within Media and Information, the Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, or the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art at Michigan State University. The specialization is also open to other majors on a case-by-case basis, particularly those in the Honors College.

The specialization complements the breadth and depth of knowledge undergraduate students acquire in their majors with a multidisciplinary understanding of game design and development. For most majors outside of MI, the specialization often nearly fulfills the student’s cognate requirements.

The specialization contains four courses, totaling 15 credits, usually taken during the student’s junior and senior years, including:

  1. TC445 Digital Game Design (Fall offering, 3 credits)
  2. TC455 3D Game and Simulation Design (Spring offering, 3 credits)
  3. TC497 Collaborative Game Design (Fall offering, 3 credits)
  4. TC498 Client-based Game Design (Spring offering, 3 credits)

Through these courses, students will learn the technology, design fundamentals, and development process of digital games, as well as the history, social impacts, and business of games. Students will also gain valuable skills in communicating and collaborating in team-based projects while building a strong portfolio of games.

The courses in the specialization are frequently taken as electives by serious game design MA students.

More information about the specialization, including how to apply, is available on the department of Media and Information web site.